This Shirt is not for Billionairs

We the 99%


The word the “One Percent” was coined a few years back and ever since I started playing around with the number 99% graphically speaking. No matter where you stand in this political debacle currently playing out in the United States chances are you are middle class or poor. You most likely belong to the 99% that like to live in a safe environment, eat safe food, have your kids go to decent school, have reasonable, affordable health care, etc. This t-shirt is a reminder to us all what we all like and share, and that we do represent the majority.

The t-shirt is avaible at society6

End of the year surprise from Paris

Sometimes it takes along time for my end of the project to see the final product. In this case, I designed the icons for the toy blocks about a year ago. The Fathersday advertisement was photographed by my friend Raymond Meier. Merci Clarins Paris.

Fathers Day

Animated Holiday Card



I decided to send out an animated digital Holiday card this year. I still do like the printed card because they can be personalized. However, the fact that I could add motion to my card won me over this year since I’m planning to do more animation and motion graphics in the new year.

Best wishes to all visitors to this site.

Bumpy Start

I’m so glad, after a long search for the right WP theme that suits my needs, I finally found the right one: “Made” by Minimal.

Robot Shrugging
Robotic Service; The New York Times