I’m testing and learning the application “Procreate” to create new illustrations. So far, I love the program it’s easy to navigate and work with. I like to work on multiple drawings and because I’m playing I mix things up a lot, to find the brush, pen, etc. For now, it’s doodling, doodling and more doodling.


I’ve got this photo in the mail today. My coaster design for “LE PERCHE” a French / American restaurant located in the lovely city of Hudson. It looks like I have to go there and raise a glass.

In today’s trendy recycle world, I figured I’ll propose the reuse of a Boston Globe illustration of mine be used on a t-shirt for a local farm stand called Davenport in Stone Ridge, NY.

So far no word, but hey Summer isn’t over yet.

T-Shirt Layout

                                                                                                 T-shirt Proposal