Digital New Years Card 2019

I’ve created this digital New Years card in Illustrator, the (gif) animation was done in Photoshop. The Instagram version is a video with sound that was added in Videoshop. Oh, the tools we have! Make it a fun productive year.




I’m testing and learning the application “Procreate” to create new illustrations. So far, I love the program it’s easy to navigate and work with. I like to work on multiple drawings and because I’m playing I mix things up a lot, to find the brush, pen, etc. For now, it’s doodling, doodling and more doodling.

Experts agreed it’s a long-forgotten masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci, the wood panel dates back to the 15 century, even the low-grade quality of the wood was a Da Vici give away. But what swayed the tide of art experts was the paint penetrating x-rays. They showed that Leonardo had tinkered with the final position of a finger and it did send art aficionados into an exuberant flippant art ecstasy. Not to mention the auctioneers at Christie’s Auction House with a 50 Million dollar commission check in hand.