My friends Scott and Ally from Hortus Conclusus called to let me know that they needed an update on their logo. Hortus Conclusus is now called Hortus Arboretum & Botanical Gardens and in addition, they need a logo for the landscape business.

Logo Design
Logo Design; Landscaping

Since they liked the second runner-up from the original presentation for the “Hortus Conclusus” about two years back I was happy to oblige.


Digital New Years Card 2019

I’ve created this digital New Years card in Illustrator, the (gif) animation was done in Photoshop. The Instagram version is a video with sound that was added in Videoshop. Oh, the tools we have! Make it a fun productive year.




Earlier this year I participated in a logo design contest called “A New Image for Pinocchio” unfortunately for me I didn’t do as well with my logo presentation as I had hoped. It turns out this is a clear case that simple is not always better, or is it? ┬áTo see the winning design solution click the link here and judge for yourself. Congrats to the winner.

We the 99%


The word the “One Percent” was coined a few years back and ever since I started playing around with the number 99% graphically speaking. No matter where you stand in this political debacle currently playing out in the United States chances are you are middle class or poor. You most likely belong to the 99% that like to live in a safe environment, eat safe food, have your kids go to decent school, have reasonable, affordable health care, etc. This t-shirt is a reminder to us all what we all like and share, and that we do represent the majority.

The t-shirt is avaible at society6