Here are two cover ideas that I proposed to the New Yorker a few years back. The first idea is a poetic idea, hiding the shape of a turkey in a wind-tossed maple leaf. I proposed the second layout while the American Senate debated the health care bill, that later became Obama Care, it’s a doctor showing an x-ray of a broken wishbone to a turkey.

In today’s trendy recycle world, I figured I’ll propose the reuse of a Boston Globe illustration of mine be used on a t-shirt for a local farm stand called Davenport in Stone Ridge, NY.

So far no word, but hey Summer isn’t over yet.

T-Shirt Layout

                                                                                                 T-shirt Proposal


This year’s “New Year” card started with a quick side doodle while working on another project. I didn’t feel like a solution with type work wouldn’t be appropriate for the coming new year. Nope, I wanted my card to be a reminder of new possibilities with a sense of adventure. With so many horrific wheater stories looming over this year, it’s blatantly clear that climate change will most likely be dominating the next few decades of our lives.
Even with our current administration denying climate change, we all know that we will have to soldier on with positive energy preventing our planet from overheating.

I wanted that idea to be reflected. Happy New Year.

Experts agreed it’s a long-forgotten masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci, the wood panel dates back to the 15 century, even the low-grade quality of the wood was a Da Vici give away. But what swayed the tide of art experts was the paint penetrating x-rays. They showed that Leonardo had tinkered with the final position of a finger and it did send art aficionados into an exuberant flippant art ecstasy. Not to mention the auctioneers at Christie’s Auction House with a 50 Million dollar commission check in hand.