My friends Scott and Ally from Hortus Conclusus called to let me know that they needed an update on their logo. Hortus Conclusus is now called Hortus Arboretum & Botanical Gardens and in addition, they need a logo for the landscape business.

Logo Design
Logo Design; Landscaping

Since they liked the second runner-up from the original presentation for the “Hortus Conclusus” about two years back I was happy to oblige.


Digital New Years Card 2019

I’ve created this digital New Years card in Illustrator, the (gif) animation was done in Photoshop. The Instagram version is a video with sound that was added in Videoshop. Oh, the tools we have! Make it a fun productive year.




Here are two cover ideas that I proposed to the New Yorker a few years back. The first idea is a poetic idea, hiding the shape of a turkey in a wind-tossed maple leaf. I proposed the second layout while the American Senate debated the health care bill, that later became Obama Care, it’s a doctor showing an x-ray of a broken wishbone to a turkey.

Earlier this year I participated in a logo design contest called “A New Image for Pinocchio” unfortunately for me I didn’t do as well with my logo presentation as I had hoped. It turns out this is a clear case that simple is not always better, or is it? ┬áTo see the winning design solution click the link here and judge for yourself. Congrats to the winner.

A good friend asked me if I could make an Xray collage with an image of her dad’s leg, who is a retired CEO of a Dutch water company and recovering from knee replacement surgery.


xray collage
The Water Managers Knee